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December 2004

Web Forwarding is now ready for you!

Wed Apr 16 00:24:46 CST 2003

We're going to provide some products with csie.org logos.
夏天到了, 我們要賣東西囉! 預計可能會有 T-shirt,電話卡,名片,馬克杯之類的東西. 不過一切尚在計畫中... 歡迎 mail 你的意見給任何一位 members.

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About this site 關於本站

Welcome to the official website of "csie.org" domain. This domain is registered since 2002 by the founders.
歡迎來到 csie.org 網域的官方網頁。 這個網域已從 2002 年註冊至今。

The English text should give you as much information as those strange symbols do.

Meaning of 'csie' 的意義

The word 'csie' here stands for
'csie' 是由下列英文縮寫而來:


"CSIE is Something Interesting and Excellent"

For the webpages 關於網頁

All the webpages here are typed manually without any WYSIWYG editors as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.
這裡所有的網頁都是一個字一個字打出來的,沒有用任何 所見即所得的編輯器(像FrontPage、Dreamweaver)。

No <table> or <img> HTML tags are used. No Javascripts.
我們沒有使用任何<table>、<img>之類的HTML標籤, 也沒有用 Javascript。

The layout, dynamic effects, and logo are all rendered by the power of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS v2). We believe this helps loading time and compatibility on browsers.
版面配置、動態效果、還有上方的標誌都是用 CSS2 所完成的。 我們相信這樣可以大幅降低網頁載入的時間,也會增進對各家瀏覽器的相容性。

Although the pages are readable on ALL browsers, we strongly suggest you to use Mozilla or other Gecko-based browsers as Phoenix which supports the standards we followed well.
雖然這些網頁在幾乎所有的瀏覽器上都能顯示出完整的內容, 但我們強列建議您使用 Mozilla 或其它使用 Gecko 引擎的瀏覽器如 Phoenix, 它對於我們使用的網頁標準有非常完整而正確的支援。

The web pages follow the standard of:

HTML 4.0
The Hyper Text Markup Language definition, version 4.0
CSS 2.0
Cascading Style Sheet definition, version 2.0

News 新聞

Sat Apr 12 19:28:16 CST 2003

csie.org Mail Forwarding Service will now process all mails with SpamAssassin before go forwarding. Please check the service page to see detail.
csie.org 的郵件服務即日起會先經過 SpamAssassin 處理再轉送, 詳情請見郵件轉寄服務頁面

Mon Oct 14 19:47:36 CST 2002

Suggestion to what services should we provide is welcome.

  1. mailing list
  2. list pgp fingerprint
  3. fortune.csie
  4. search engine
  5. ircd
  6. answer.csie.org #?
Tue Sep 24 13:38:51 2002

SSL Working
SSL 運作中

Mon Sep 23 15:27:23 2002

Almost done

Sat Sep 21 17:11:35 2002

Website prototype